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“Zero Suds is, in my book, one of the best in getting out stains. It removed red punch, coffee, tomato, and brown gravy from a tablecloth that sat in the hamper for 3 days. Washed with 2 scoops and hot water. It also cleans stovetops and counters even though it was not meant for this. The kids made red punch and the powder was on the counter so I wiped it up and rinsed the dish rag in a solution of 1/2 scoop and 2 qt. warm water. I watched as the red faded away. I have also noticed, that the washer only does 1 rinse when I use Zero suds. All other detergents it does 2-3 rinses with a little suds you can see. So we are saving water when using this product also! I AM SOLD ON ZERO SUDS! Keep up the good work!”

- Fred, New Jersey, October, 2016

“I have been using Rosalie’s Zero Suds for over a year now and it’s the only detergent I will use. Clothes come out of the washer clean! No sickening scent to them like the commercial brands leave behind . . . And stain removal is easy!”

- Mame, Cape Cod, November, 2016

“Dear Rosalie, This detergent is amazing. I had a Thanksgiving tablecloth that had been spilled on with cranberry, gravy and red wine. I was sure it was a total loss as it was a buff color and could not be bleached. I was rushing and put it in the washer, no pre-treatment, with Rosalie's detergent and went back to the guests. It came out of the wash spotless! Love this detergent. My husband spilled kerosene on his work jacket. It stunk up the whole house, horrible. We went on line and they said to put baking soda and white vinegar on the jacket and then wash it. I washed it by hand as I did not want it to smell up the washer. We did that twice and the jacket still smelled so much it could not be worn. I took a leap of faith in Rosalie's and put it in the washer with two scoops of Rosalie's powder. It came out of the washer with no smell of the kerosene and the washer did not smell either. Saved by Rosalie's again!”

- Giny, Eastham, MA, December, 2016

“I have started using this product and it is now the only product I will use. Works fantastic in our front loader and I don't have to use the extra rinse cycle anymore! I have used just about every brand on the market and been loyal to [famous national brand] for 30 years but Rosalie's even beats [famous national brand] for cleaning and no comparison for the rinsing. Love this stuff!”

- Curt, Wisconsin, 2015